2021 Applications have been updated and are available for download.  Do not send any payment at this time due to continued uncertainty of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

2021 Vendor Map will be posted later in the year when vendors have been placed.

Insurance Certificate requirements for all vendors Food and Craft.  We request that vendors supply a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the “Main Street Cowboys” named as Certificate Holder/Additionally Insured.  Typically vendors supply insurance with at least basic business liability insurance.

Vendor Check-in and setup will begin on Tuesday 14 Sept. for most vendors, contact your respective Vendor Director for more information.

If you have a large trailer/booth please talk with the directors for any special needs or placement assistance.

During the Main Street Show event we host approximately 24 food and 30 craft/commercial vendors for the visitors to enjoy.  If you’re interested in being a vendor please follow the appropriate link from the Main Street Show menu.

Potential vendors take note; accommodations in Pendleton become difficult to arrange the closer it gets to Round-Up, so we suggest you make arrangements early if you intend to participate.  If for some reason you can not attend or are not selected as a Main Street Show vendor you can always cancel your reservations!