The Main Street Show is no longer accepting application for the 2022 event.  

2022 Vendor Map will be posted later in the year when vendors have been placed.

Insurance Certificate requirements for all vendors Food and Craft.  We request that vendors supply a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the “Main Street Cowboys” named as Certificate Holder/Additionally Insured.  Typically vendors supply insurance with at least basic business liability insurance.

Vendor Check-in and setup will begin on Tuesday 13 Sept. for most vendors, contact your respective Vendor Director for more information.

If you have a large trailer/booth please talk with the directors for any special needs or placement assistance.

During the Main Street Show event we host approximately 24 food and 30 craft/commercial vendors for the visitors to enjoy.  If you’re interested in being a vendor please follow the appropriate link from the Main Street Show menu.

Potential vendors take note; accommodations in Pendleton become difficult to arrange the closer it gets to Round-Up, so we suggest you make arrangements early if you intend to participate.  If for some reason you can not attend or are not selected as a Main Street Show vendor you can always cancel your reservations!