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The Main Street Cowboys Welcome Volunteers:


            The Main Street Cowboys are seeking motivated, community service oriented men.

Established in 1950 to promote and publicize the City of Pendleton and its surrounding communities this organization is a diverse group of men with a common goal; to provide service to their community.  One advantage to our organization is there are no membership fees or dues to join.  We do however ask that all the Cowboys to be considerate of each other and all the people we may meet as our words, deeds and attitudes have influence more far reaching than we may realize.

            Our group has continued to change during the last 20 odd years.  We have become more of a family oriented organization!  For example we sponsor three major dinners for all of our families; in February we have a fish feed, in June a BBQ and in December we have a Christmas dinner with Santa, bringing gifts for our children and grandchildren in attendance.  We stress to our members that the organization should not and will not come before our families or our professional lives.  We do our best to provide flexibility in our events that will allow everyone to contribute in some way to the success of the Main Street Cowboys.

            Throughout the year we take our shuttle bus and antique calliope to approximately 20 out of town parades to promote the Main Street Show, the Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon events.  As Round-Up approaches we hang the flags and banners that can be found around the City of Pendleton.  We also distribute greater than 300 of our unique benches to various activities, as requested.   These signature benches can be found all around the city during the year, displaying personal and business’ support for our Dress-Up Parade and Main Street Show as well as the work we accomplish throughout the year.  Our main work however is organizing the Main Street Show located downtown Pendleton during Round-Up.  We also help prepare and serve during the Twilight Breakfast organized by Main Street Side Saddlers on the Thursday evening prior to Round-Up.  Our organization has the long standing pleasure of kicking off the Round-Up festivities with a Dress-up Parade the Saturday prior to the Round-Up main events. 

We depend  on all of our members being continually involved with all these events, volunteering their time to make the Main Street Show the event that it has grown to be; providing hundreds of hours of free entertainment for the visitors and locals of Pendleton and surrounding communities. 

            If interested in a little hard work and a whole lot of fun while serving your community please call 541-278-9332 for more information.