2021 Main StreetCowboys Dress-Up Parade Results

Thank you to all the participants in this year’s Dress-Up Parade! It was a beautiful day in Pendleton for a parade. We had over 70 entries this year in many colorful and fun categories. Thanks to the fun-run runners for kicking off the parade with a bang. We had a great day for a parade and spectators lined the parade route from start to finish. Thanks to everyone coming out to enjoy the Dress-Up Parade. See you next year!

The winners for each category is as follows;

Queens & Courts:                                                     Dance/Drill:

1st Happy Canyon Indian Princesses                        Jr. Jam


Horse & Buggy:                                                         

1st  Round-Up & Happy Canyon Hallof Fame Brd 

Civic/Service Clubs:                                                  Equestrian:

1st  Main Street Side Saddlers                                   1st  Chief Gary Burke

Autos-Classic/Antique:                                             Autos-Misc:

1st  Blue Mountain A’s                                                1st ZOM-B13

Floats:                                                                         Neighborhood Float:

1st American Legion Post 37                                      1st Academy Mortgage

2nd  Moe Pho Noodles & Cafe 

Special Awards

Larry Wahl trophy: Pupcakes

East Oregonian trophy: Eastern Or. Phillipine American Community

President’s Choice: Chief Gary Burke and Riders